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Vault Hookah Lounge & Patio Dining

The Vault Hookah Lounge & Patio Dining provides an atmosphere to socialize, relax, and enjoy Mediterranean food. The lounge is designed for comfort, decorated with a unique West meets East decor, the best quality Hookah, live music, and a staff that leaves a personal touch. Savory Mediterranean food cooked fresh daily from our kitchen and take it all in from our dining area that can be converted into a outdoor patio.

Quality - Fresh - Ingredients
Try our Delicious Food


Mediterranean Food

Premium Quality Tobacco
Disposable hoses and Glass Hookahs

Hookah Menu

Premium Tobacco

Tobacco Brands

  1. The Vault

    The Vault

    Special/House Mix

  2. Starbuzz


    Sweet Mellon, White Peach, Black Peach Mint, Code 69, Blue Mist, Pirates Cove, Tangerine Dream, Safari Melon Dew, Double Apple, Mighty Freeze, White Mint, Sex On The Beach and Tropicool.

  3. Khalil Maamoon

    Khalil Maamoon

    Mint, Cactus Lime, Ice Cinnamon Gum, Spiced Tea, Ice Cream Blueberry Vanilla, Watermelon Mint, Two Apple, Peach Aroma, Orange Mint, Lemon Mint, Black Orange, Grape Malakee, FakhFakhina, Grape Berry, Fancy Grape, Red Guava, Mango, Melon Mint, Blueberry Mint, Ice Blackberry and Raspberry.

  4. Alfakher


    Orange, Orange Mint, Grape, Grape Mint, Guava, Watermelon, Watermelon Mint, Double Apple, Lemon Mint and Strawberry.

  5. Alwaha


    Chai Latte, Magic Touch, Icy Mango Tango, Ice Cream, Blueberry Guava, Two Apple, Libella Swing, Hot N Cold, Sweet Shock, Cali Twist, Arctic Peach and Blueberry Guava

  6. Nakhla


    Two Apples


  1. Standard Hookah

    Standard Hookah


    Standard Hookah with disposable hose.

  2. Standard Hookah Refill
  3. Fruit Head

    Fruit Head


    Apple Head

  4. Pineapple Head

    Pineapple Head


    Pineapple Head

  5. Glass Hookah

    Glass Hookah


    All glass Hookah.

Relax - Eat - Enjoy